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Roberto Novoa, M.D.
Cardiovascular Surgeon

4124 Munson St NW Ste B
CANTON, OH 44718.
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Personal Statement :

"It has been since I graduated from medical school. It was even longer since I removed an inflamed appendix as a fourth year medical student. The patient's name is still clear in my mind. He did well and had no complications. Thousands of patients later, every operation is still as marvelous and unique as it was then.

There is nothing routine about surgery regardless how simple it may seem. Good outcomes are not only dependent on the flawless technical execution by the surgeon but on the coalescence of a committed "crew" to help that person who trusts others with his life.

Roberto Novoa, M.D.

Professional Interests :

Surgical :
1. Complex coronary revascularization
2. Advanced valve surgery

Academic :
1. Sleep Apnea
2. Neuro-endocrine pathophysiology in open heart surgery
3. Congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation

Public health :
1. Affordable access to health services for vulnerable populations
2. Computer enhanced patient education
3. Higher value lower cost surgery

Enterpreneurial :
1. Collaborative high fidelity electronic information exchange
2. Trust and trusted electronic transactions
3. Outcomes based reimbursement

Academic Degree :

      Bachelor in Science, University of Puerto Rico

      Doctor of Medicine, University of Puerto Rico
Post Graduate Professional Training :

      Mount Sinai Hospital; New York, New York

      University of Puerto Rico Affiliated Hospitals; San Juan, Puerto Rico

      New England Deaconess Hospital; Boston, Massachusetts

      The Cleveland Clinic; Cleveland Ohio
Certifications :

      Diplomate National Boards of Medical Examiners

      Diplomate America Board of Surgery

      Diplomate American Board of Thoracic Surgery
Licensure :


          State of New York
          State of Florida
          Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Hospital Affiliations :

          Aultman Hospital; Canton, Ohio

          Mount Sinai Hospital; New York, New York

          University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine Affiliated Hospitals; San Juan, Puerto Rico

          Pavia Hospital; San Juan Puerto Rico

          Hospital Auxilio Mutuo; San Juan Puerto Rico

          The Cleveland Clinic; Cleveland, Ohio

          Mercy Medical Center; Canton, Ohio
Professional Societies :

      American College of Surgeons

      Society of Thoracic Surgery

      Alfa Omega Alfa Honor Society

      Ohio State Medical Association

      Stark County Medical Society
Academic Performance :

      Magna Cum Laude Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico; San Juan, Puerto Rico

      Honor Scholarship and Dean List
GPA 4.0

      National Board of Medical Examiners Scores
Part I 83%
Part II 99%
Part III 67%

      American Board of Surgery In-training Examination
PGY I 97%
PGY II 96%
PGY IV 90%
PGY V 99%

      American Board of Surgery Certification

      American Board of Thoracic Surgery In-training Examination
1984 98%
1985 98%

      American Board of Thoracic Surgery Certification

Honors and Awards :

      Honor Scholarship University of Puerto Rico & Dean List

      Bachelor in Science Chemistry, Magna Cum Laude

      Doctor in Medicine (no academic distinctions were awarded)

      Alfa Omega Alfa Honor Society, University of Puerto Rico

      First Prize Francisco Raffucci Research Forum

      First Prize Purdue Fredrick Scientific Research Award

Research, Academic Interests :

    Research Grants :
      Long-term power output of transformed, Fatigue-resistant skeletal muscle
      American Heart Association Grant #4707
      Sternal blood low ater dissention of internal thoracic arteries RPC #3025
      The effects of latissimus dorsi cardiomyoplasty On ventricular function in pharmacogically
      Induced heart failure in goats RPC #2854
      Power output of transformed skeletal muscle RPC #3284
      Use of latissimus dorsi cardiomyoplasty for Treatment of end stage
      congestive heart failure RPC #3538
      Training Protocol — CCF School of Cardiovascular Perfusion RPC # 2937
      In Vivo Evaluation of St. Jude Bioprosthetic Mitral Valve RPC #3346

   Publications :

      Rosello, PJ, Novoa R. Reliable Method for Experimental Production of
      Pancreatic Pseudocysts, J Surgical Research 1978; 25:330
      Novoa R., Rosello PJ, Blanco G, Cerrud G. Blunt Cardiac Trauma A
      Cause of Tamponade, Report of a Case. Bol Asoc Med. P. Rico 1981;
      Rosello PJ, Novoa R. Milazzo C. Hormonal and Testicular Volume Studies
      In Cryptorchidism. Bol Assoc Med P. Rico 1982; 74:66
      Novoa R., Rossell PJ. Alternate Methods of Pancreatic Pseudocysts
      Drainage. Puerto Rico Health Science Journal 1982; 1:80
      Defendini E, Altieri PL, Blanco G, Maritnez J, Novoa R, Branch H.
      Complete Replacement of the Ascending Aorta with Implantation of the
      Coronary Arteries in Patients with Marfan's Syndrome. J of Cardiovascular Surgery 1985; 26: (6) 573.
      Ross JS, O'Donovan DB, Novoa R., Mehta A, Buonocore E, MacIntyre WJ,
      Golish JA, Ahmed H. Magnetic Resonance of the Chest: Initial Experience with Imaging
      and in vivo T1 and T2 Calculations. Radiology 1984; 152 (1) 95.
      Novoa R., Jacobs G, Sakakibara N, Chen J, Davies C, Cosgrove DM, Golding
      LAR, Nose Y, Loop FD. Muscle Powered Circulatory Assist Device for Diastolic
      Counterpulsator. ASAIO Transactions, 1989; Vol 35:408
      Davies C, Novoa R., Jacobs GB, Irie H, Chen J-F, Cosgrove DM.
      Optimization of Pacing Parameters for Conditioned Lattissimus Dorsi
      Muscle in Cardiomyoplasty. Trans Am Soc Artif Intern Organs,
      1191; VolXXXVI, M163-164.
      Sakakibara N, Novoa R., Davies C, Chen J, Jacobs G, Takatani S, Mussivand
      T, Golding LAR, Nose Y, Loop FD. New Crisscross-Shaped Port Design for Universal Serial Pumps.
      ASAIO Transactions, 1989; Vol 35:713-715
      Cutrone F, Coyle R, Novoa R, Stewart R, Currie P. Severe Dynamic Left
      Ventricular Outlow Tract Obstruction Following Aortic Valve Replacement Diagnosed by Intraoperative       Echocardiography.
      Anesthesiology, 1990; Vol 72:No. 3:563-566.
      Sakakibara N, Novoa R, Davies C, Chen JF, Jacobs G, Golding LAR, Nose Y,
      Loop FD. Development of an Implantable Muscle Powered Cardiac Assist Device (MCAD).
      Artificial Organs. 1990; Vol 14;Supp 1:34-37.
      Marwick TH, Novoa R, Salcedo EE, Irie H, Jacobs G, Golding LAR, Cosgrove
      DM. Inluence of Lattissimus Dorsi Cardiomyoplasty on Let Ventricular
      Filling. Revue Europeenne De Technologic Biommedicale 1991; Vol 13(2) 106-108.
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      Spring-Based Hydraulic Muscle Power Driven Assist Device: Preliminary Studies. Cardiovascular Science and
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      Irie H, Novoa R, Jacobs G, Davies C, Golding LAR. Central Nervous
      System Inluence on Cardiac Function During Exercise in Cardiomyoplasty Goats:
      Preliminary Observations. Cardiovascular Science and Technology: Basic and Applied I. Dec., 1990; 297-299.
      Irie H, Novoa R, Jacobs GB, Davies CR, Golding LAR, Cosgrove DM. CNS
      Effects on Cardiomyoplasty in Goats: Preliminary Study. J. Card Surg
      1991; 6 (Suppl): 137-144
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      stenoses in saphenous vein bypass grats to coronary arteries. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery,       1993; Vol 105:4

Convergent Evaluation :

It is a challenge to accurately gauge the contribution of people involved in a patient's treatment. This is particularly true of physicians who by necessity have to shoulder the brunt the responsibility for decision making. There are many factors that influence outcomes but we all know when we have been treated with respect, dignity, and compassion.

Convergent Global is an communal venture to bring to society accurate, honest and reliable information that can help us make wise health decisions. At the same time it improves the practice of Medicine through honest feedback on each and every encounter patient-physician encounter.

We endorse technology as a tool to help people to improve their health by making wiser decisions. With today's communication explosion, it is perhaps more important than yesterday to have access to reliable information. At time it can be a matter of life, disability or even death.

Please click on the links below to access files on such encounters.

Patient's Feedback On Services Rendered By Roberto Novoa And His Staff

Patient's Comments Roberto Novoa's Reply Link
Everyone, from the receptionist to Dr. Novoa. They all are genuinely concerned for my well being. So helpful and caring. I recently lost my husband to cancer at the time of my apt. with Dr. Novoa, they all were very kind. I will definetely refer others to Dr. Novoa. He helped me tremendously with my valve replacement surgery and I feel good. Not any improvements that I can think of. Keep helping others as you do. Thank you for your reply. Medicine is more than just doing surgery or giving out pills. I am grateful for your words. 62493
All the staff, from the front desk, all staff including the nurse/ practioner doctor's nurse and visiting intern and the doctor. It was one of the best and informative doctor's visit I have had. We appreciate your comments. We hope you continue to do well. 61569
The over all experience with Dr Novoa and his staff was the best. The confidence I had in him and his staff and how they treated me was fantastic. The bedside manner and professionalism is great. My over all experience is outstanding. I wish he could be my dr for everything. The comfort level is so good knowing you have the best person and staff working on you. I applaud you all.Thank you from the bottom of my heart. if I could make one suggestion is a phone number to call into for questions. Just a voice male would be fine if someone would call you back. People may have questions on off hours and being concerned need answers. You could work it out with the staff on floor to periodically check and call back people. It would relax when they get answers to their questions while caring for their loved one. Just a suggestion. Thank you for your kind words. Your suggestion is exactly what we would like to have. In order to achieve this, we need to integrate the outpatient and inpatient areas. There are some medicare rules that makes it difficult. Nevertheless, I shall bring your input to the hospital administration. But, the surgeons are always available through the answering service. 61283
The office is one of the happiest physician office I have ever seen. There is a very sweet gentle spirit filled with knowledge through out this practice. That is very nice. Thank you. We are happy to help patients like you. 61250
Dr ovoa is excellent at making you feel at ease, and that you are completely involved and are a part of the decision making proces of your treatment. He has a pleasnt demeaner and and is very easy to communicate with. Thank you very much. Now I could also be just a nice guy but am I competent? Did I help you with your health problem? You see, I don't know who you are so I really cannot say. 60403

Roberto Novoa's Team Performance, Comments/Suggestions Based On Recent Procedures

Procedure Performance Score (5 Excellent, 1 Poor) Link
CABG 4.3 11987
AVR, MV repair, CABG x2 4.55 11986
CABG 4.7 11985*
AVR 4.78 11984*
CABG 4.83 11983*
CABG/AVR 4.67 11982*
MVR 4.67 11981*
CABG 4.59 11980*
CABG 4.6 11979*
Resternotomy, mitral valve repair/replacement, maze, coronary artery bypass graft 4.83 11978*
CABG 4.61 11977*
CABG/AVR 4.54 11976*
* indicates that these links need convergent registration

Surgical Outcomes
Evaluation by Referring physician on Roberto Novoa, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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Question Score (1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent))
1. How responsive was this physician to your patient's needs? NA
2. How timely was the communication with you? NA
3. If you or someone close to you needed a similar service would you go to this doctor? NA
4. How well did he address this patient's problem? NA
5. How likely are you to use his/her services again? NA
Average Score NA
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Evidence can be flawed and could be tampered. It is our goal to develop a methodology that will take the guess work out of whether an information can be trusted. For the present time "Evidence" takes the form of testimonials, documents and multimedia files that have been diligently scrubbed of any personal information to protect privacy and be compliant with the law. If you find any possible breach in anonymity please notify us by clicking on the in the page you are reading.
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Maria Novoa, MBA

Practice Manager Progressive Surgery.